Tattoo design as a fascinating work of art

Sometimes it is very interesting for one to contemplate the design of the tattoo art. This is especially the case if you have watched family and friends choosing several designs and then actually imprinting these on their bodies. This is amazing as it offers a unique way for one to actually design his or her body. The art of tattooing started long ago. People generally refer to the tattoo as ‘work’, ‘pieces’, ‘art’, ‘tats’ and ‘ink’ among others. Those men and women who are tattooist would be called ‘artists’.
The fact of the matter is that the tattoo artist is known for his or her own specialty. This includes the kind of work that they are very good in and also their own special way of applying the ink. Normally those who would want to become a tattoo artist would start as an apprentice under a very experienced artist. For those who are ready for their first one, you can always check out the varying designs that are available to choose from. Moreover you can choose the artist that you want especially one who is well vested in the particular art you are seeking.
The crucial thing to note about tattoos is the fact that there are very different types or reasons for varying applications. Also depending on your kind of cultural background and religion, this would depict an entirely new and fresh way of thinking applied to your body. You will come to discover that there are different kinds of designs and most of these are specially framed for men only. However there are designs for women to choose from with many varieties exclusive to them only. When you are searching for your preferred design, you should bear in mind the symbolism, meaning and placement of the tattoo which are all very crucial.
The tattoo is a special form of art that originated several thousands of years ago. There are stories that this emerged from the Egyptians as it was discovered on mummies all of which have many tattoos on them. Then when this empire started expanding, the tradition and art of tattoos started spreading further and further to other parts of the world. However these markings were just for the purposes of beautification. When it came to the Greeks, they were said to have been used for a genuine reason for the first time as spies were marked with secret codes and identification marks in a bid to make them stand out. However when the Romans started to use these tattoos, it was used to mark those who were in prison. In Rome and some other places, this is still being practiced.
Tattoos are also used in the Samoan Islands as part of the ancient tradition. This would depict the social standing of a person in the society. Under normal circumstances, it is the chief of the tribe who has the heaviest of all the tattooing. There is a real ceremony organized where the younger chiefs get their own tattoos as a way of depicting their puberty stage. In New Zealand, it is a very crucial part of their culture.
The fact of the matter is that this has entered into the modern western culture along with prisoners and sailors that were brought by Captain Cook to England. Since then the popularity of tattoos have been widespread and as such many people are rushing just to get these marks on their bodies.

example of Tattoo Art

Chinese Tattoos
Egyptian Tattoos
Dragon Tattoos
Japanese Tattoos
Tribal Tattoos

Chinese Tattoos
Chinese tattoos became popular because of the unique Chinese characters that have various meanings. This kind of tattoo is represented with a maximum of two characters. However, education and research are required regarding the chosen character in order to avoid frustration. Chinese tattoos may have the coolest design but you should be certain of the translation. To prevent disappointment, seek intelligent advice from a Chinese translator. Tattoos are meant to fashionably express ones personality to other people. It is a means of communication so if it is done mistakenly, it will be interpreted erroneously. However, there are a lot of good artists that do this work perfectly, so choose one of these and wear your tattoos confidently.

Egyptian Tattoos
The Egyptian culture has fascinated the world from its rich mythology to its hieroglyphic writings. One of the legacies it gave to the world is the art of drawing pictures on the body, Egyptian tattoos. Egyptian tattoos started as mere dots and lines that are believed to be ritualistic in origin. However, the art has evolved nowadays where artists are now incorporating images of gods, symbols and known images like the pyramid to make these tattoos more pleasing to the eye. Others may put messages in Egyptian writings to give variations and show creativeness. The tattoos are said to give protection and wealth to the people who wear them.

Dragon Tattoos
Dragon-TattooAre you fascinated with the dragons you recently saw in a western or Asian movie You can relive the adventure forever by having dragon tattoos inked on your body. Having dragon tattoos can give you the sense of mystique and toughness because dragons represent power, magic and might. Asian dragons are more popular as tattoos because of its capability to mix with other designs while giving luck and prosperity to those who wear it. Designs can be colorful and dreaded or monotonous and mysterious. A collection of dragon designs are available online for you to check which one will suit your personality.

Japanese Tattoos
Japanese-TattooJapanese tattoos or Irezumi, teem with symbolism. Tattoos are used for spiritual and decorative purposes in Japan. Their beauty and intricate designs make them a sophisticated form of art today and create an elegant balance of beauty and strength. Common designs used by Japanese for their tattoos include the kanji, the Japanese calligraphy Kannon, a Buddhist deity of sympathy and pity that is symbolized by a woman riding a dragon Suikoden warriors, from their traditional folklore and the dragons, mythical beasts of nobility, loyalty and the ability to transcend the ordinary. The intricate Japanese tattoos are done by extraordinarily skilled tattooists.

Tribal Tattoos
Tribal-TattooThrough history, tribal tattoos had various purposes and one of these is the means of identifying a member of a clan or particular group, thereby enabling you to easily identify one another as well as to recognize distant relatives. However, it was generally believed that your tattoos would allow you to find the clan you belonged with while you are on earth and eventually help you to join it again in the hereafter. Designs of tribal tattoos come as the third most requested style by tattoo fanatics. The designs include not only the traditional tattoos of aboriginal cultures but also the latest graphic designs for the body. The most common designs are crosses, suns, and tribal dragons. Cross tattoos are popular because they serve as remembrance by combined religious design elements as well as symbolizing the Christian faith. Dragon tattoos, on the other hand, come in Japanese and Chinese dragon designs. This tattoo style represents history and mythology as well as mysteriousness and power.


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